Olivia Bonilla

The Devil

    • Original artwork by Olivia Bonilla
    • Mixed media on 11" x 14" birch panel 
    • Olivia's assigned Tarot card was "The Devil".
  • "What first came to mind was a rabbit hole of dark velvet paintings, neon and evil but cute emoji characters. The mouth making an iconic reference to sexuality and temptation, the “floating” diamond suggesting desire. As the devil can perceive itself in many forms and challenges. These Instagram characters were the perfect sour and sweet way to communicate guilt and impulse. Making reference to the little demons that are always hanging on. Materials were an intuitive hodgepodge of studio materials from metallic spray paint, acrylic, graphite, sharpie, resin and cement castings, creating a 90s baby bad dream." - Olivia Bonilla

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